Kaya del Ozren Badza

Imported form Serbia

D.O.B: 04/21/2018

NAVHDA: NA prize 1 (112/112)

Weight: 56 Lbs

OFA (Hips): GOOD


Kaya is a dog that I adopted from Serbia, in Europe. She comes from an excellent breeder who has an excellent  hunting dogs lineage (Kurzhaar Del Ozren Badza). Kaya has a playful temper and likes to get attention.  She is very active, lots of energy, but can be managed very well in the house. She loves children, the outdoors activities and likes to please.

Upcoming hunting test in 2020:

*CKC: 2 Legs of FD and WDJ

in two try (Kaya, sept 2020)

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